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66RFE Transmission for Sale

Transmission control modules are now used in all Chrysler gearboxes built after 2007. While some of the electronics might be different, the bell housing and mounts usually remain the same. Obtaining a 6-speed gearbox for a Ram truck is simple by using this website. A person can buy a cheap 66RFE transmission for sale and have it shipped instantly in the USA.

Gear ratios are what separates the new RFE gearboxes from the older units used before 2007. This can be identified through the numbers now stamped on the housing of every unit. A single set of spline gears is now provided unlike in previous Chrysler builds when two where popular to use. Control of the 66RFE is possible through TCM that is programmed at the factory.

6-Speed Reconditioned Ram Gearboxes

Because the RFE series is now at 6 gears, most trucks built after the 2010 year feature the 66-series transmissions. What this means for a truck owner is that finding a unit that is compatible is a little easier. Unlike Ford or Chevrolet, Chrysler produced trucks share a lot of the earlier technology. When something works well, it is not immediately changed or updated until a lot of testing has been completed. The Ram series of trucks has prospered from a long-term production commitment at Chrysler.

One thing that is hard for some truck owners to get used to in the Ram series is the limp mode. When slow speeds inhibit a gearbox from shifting higher, the limp mode can kick in. The control module will either stall or shut down completely. Some owners of trucks who have this problem think that the gearbox needs to be replaced. All of the control comes from the TCM.

Automatic 66RFE Transmissions Rebuilt

What it means to rebuild something is to take it apart and use new components to put it back together. While the definition of remanufacturing says nothing about performance testing, the company provides quality testing. When a gearbox is tested for the correct pressure, it is much easier to find leaks or air gaps. Hydraulic fluid is necessary to add to the two pumps that are now standard in the 66RFE.

Stripping down the gearbox is always the first step in reconditioning. Some of the leading rebuilders in the industry have completed the work on all Ram 6-speed gearboxes for sale on this website. What this means is that no problems will be encountered during a customer swap. Full support for the 5.7 engines and 6.7 engines is available.

Buy Affordable 66RFE Gearboxes for Sale

A quick browse of the warehouse of transmissions here will promote the sale pricing offered. A person only has to give the year and the model of a truck or SUV that needs a reclaimed Chrysler transmission. The system is setup to do all of the hard work in matching VIN numbers and models.

Buying a gearbox should never take a lot of work. In just one click, no one who visits this website will leave empty handed. A full price quotation for all inventory in stock is provided.

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