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700R4 Chevy Transmission for Sale

GM launched its 700R4 series transmission for sale to the public in the year 1982. What is now known as the 4L60 was first coined the TH700R4 in GM manufacturing plants. What most consumers are seeking is a sale price for a refurbished assembly. Someone who just came to this website hoping to find good inventory can pick up a 700R4 Chevy transmission for sale at a good price.

The first series turbo-hydramatic assemblies were used in multiple vehicles including the Corvette in the Chevrolet family. Before the inclusion of electric control through a solenoid, GM installed a single wire cable that was known simply as a TV cable to control shifting. The hydraulic powered governor system was scrapped in the 1990s for a better way to smooth out high speed shifting.

Late Model Chevy 700R4 Gearboxes

Aside from the OEM installation of pre-1990 700R4 units, a 27-spline shaft was used in the series II editions of the automatic 4-speed. Since this was a problematic area, 3 additional rings were added to the shaft to make it more compatible with V8 engines. When GM changed over to the 4L60 in 1992, a new electrical system was installed to provide magnets and solenoid switching.

While the technical term for the 700R4 is the turbo-hydramatic build, a person seeking a unit with or without pulse width modulation controls can find a build on this website. The rebuilding practices that are engaged in are the same as GM specs. Making a GM gearbox as close to new as possible is what the end result of rebuilding assemblies should be.

Buying a 700R4: What to Look For

Not every company will do a thorough job when cleaning a gearbox. There can be metal shaving still left in the oil match. This can be a sign that a clutch was not replaced correctly. Some rebuilders do not bother to fill the assembly with fluid prior to sale. Taking a builders word that the gearbox will perform normally is not a good strategy. Some people even use additives to try and plug leaks that are not really fixed correctly.

Every build that is presented for a sale price on this website is a perfectly rebuilt assembly. Because the 700R4 and 4L60 are popular, the prices are still in favor of consumers. Before purchasing any refurbished GM series transmission, getting a quote is likely the best way to understand what is really being paid for at the time of checkout.

700R4 RWD Automatic Transmissions for Sale

There is a retail price and a sale price that interests consumers. This website provides a sale price. This means that any quoted price includes the torque converter and a lengthy warranty. Someone who will swap a 700R4 will easily be able to get the most out of the unit when buying here online.

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