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700R4 Transmission Rebuilt

Part of the automatic shifting history of General Motors would not be complete without a discussion of the turbo-hydramatic units. The four-speed is still one of the most common types of gearboxes found in cars, SUVs, vans and trucks across the globe. The history of General Motors automobile development was strengthened with its 700R4 series. Someone buying a replacement assembly can find 700R4 transmission rebuilt inventory here.

GM produced cast aluminum bell housings for its 700R4 and the earlier turbo 700. Because pairing a four-speed with a larger V8 engine took precision accuracy, the 700R-series was produced to be compatible across the board with most engine sizes. The single housing design made it small enough to be placed in tight spaces underneath vehicles.

Low Mileage 700R4 Gearboxes

Due to the lower ratio of the four gears, most car owners have experienced much needed fuel economy when using the 700R4. When someone buys a gearbox that has been reconditioned, one of the first questions that should be asked is what count of mileage is on the assembly. Although the 700R4 and later 4L60 are meant for a lot of use, mileage will affect the performance ratios.

The OEM lock up converter on a 700R-series gearbox is arguably one of the best GM decisions. This technology does provide a way to get better horsepower on long-range driving trips compared to regular stop and go traffic. The reconditioned transmissions found for sale cheap at this website all offer low mileage.

Buying Rebuilt 700R4 Gearboxes with a Warranty

Apart from purchasing one used, a person does have the option of purchasing a rebuilt condition GM gearbox with a warranty. Since the reconditioning work certifies the condition, the warranty is mostly used as a safe guard against other problems. Every unit that is in stock at this website already comes with its own long-term warranty plan. This is usually free for all buyers.

What a warranty means is that all gears, clutches and solenoids are protected from failure. Because no one can predict how long an OE part will last, getting the additional coverage a warranty provides is crucial. All GM remanufactured transmissions posted for direct sale on this website do feature extended protection for the most commonly installed parts.

Where to Buy Refurbished 700R Transmissions

For someone who wants an instant price to compare with another dealer, the ways to obtain a price is by searching the warehouse of inventory on this page. The digital finder is already linked to what is in stock and automatic pricing is generated. The free shipping that comes along with the purchase of a transmission is a gift to purchasers who rely on this portal when buying auto parts or accessories.

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