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Dodge Intrepid Rebuilt Transmission

FWD sedans built by Chrysler in the 1990s included the Intrepid. As a full-size vehicle, the base model was able to use different motor blocks. While engines were varied in V6 builds, what did not change was the transmissions used. Someone seeking the best resource to buy Dodge Intrepid rebuilt transmission inventory has to go no further that this website.

There were only two generations of Intrepid vehicles. The first series lasted from 1993 to 1997. A mixture of U.S. and Canadian manufacturing help push out cars faster. The ongoing engine changes did not affect the use of the transmissions. The failure of the 2.7 motor and its sludge problems did not affect usage of the 42LE gearbox.

A606 Classic or 42LE Transmission

The older A606 provided the initial framework of the 42LE edition. Most of the technology can from the 41TE units. A reverse clutch was included in the new design. There are 4 planetary gears and 1 reverse gear in the Intrepid assemblies. These include a gear ratio of 2.80, 1.55, 1.00 and 0.69.

The Concorde and Eagle Vision were other models using the 42LE. Someone who will buy this model in rebuilt condition will save cash. The reason that money is saved is simple. When used parts fail, a replacement will be needed. Too many Dodge Intrepid car owners know about used parts. When something is refurbished, it will work like new.

One good thing about the 42LE is that it is compatible with V6 motors. The 2.7, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.5 are already setup for operation. The second generation of production from 1998 to 2004 was the final period for the Intrepid.

Reconditioned 42LE Gearbox FAQ

There are many unanswered questions on the web about auto rebuilding. Some call it recycling. Others can call it reconditioning. People can be confused quickly. The real terms are rebuilt or remanufactured. Something rebuilt is taken about and made new again. The 42LE is one of many Chrysler transmissions. Rebuilding is generally easy for these automatic designs.

The Intrepid base, sport, ES, SST, SXT and R/T trim models each used the four-speed automatic. Any of these vehicles can hold a reconditioned transmission. The real problem that people have is choosing the right unit. Mileage is not that important when something is reconditioned. The mileage is not replaced, but the bad parts are changed.

Cheapest Rebuilt Intrepid Transmissions

Prices that are low do not mean low value. A reconditioned Chrysler gearbox is almost like new. This means benefiting from OEM quality again. Searching this website is a good thing. Being introduced to a quality company can create a long-term relationship for transmission buying. Sort the year and model of inventory offered on this website.

This practice will showcase sale pricing. Literally the cheapest prices are shown here. This allows someone to save cash quickly. The V6 compatibility and no cost shipping are just bonuses.

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