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E4OD Ford Transmission

Ford released its E4OD transmission in the year 1989. As a derivative of the famed C6 build, electronic controls were added to the new production for 4-speed units. The removal of the hydraulic controls on the E-series gearboxes has performed well for Ford Motor Company. A person can buy a rebuilt E4OD Ford transmission for a discount price while using this resource.

F-Series trucks were the first models to use the newly adapted electronic 4-speed models. By including a controlled torque converter, Ford was able to eliminate some of the problems that plagued mechanical assemblies. What many people appreciate about the E4OD build is the durability. Unlike the classic assemblies, the C6 derivatives are capable of heavy-duty usage.

Overdrive 4-Speed Ford Gearboxes

It takes about 18 quarts of fluid just to fill the case of the E4OD assembly. Just like the C6 before it, the electronic 4-speed automatic assembly is often found on the aftermarket parts market. There are some consumers who do not like used condition transmissions for fear of a problem. What this leaves is the reconditioned market for a person who needs a replacement.

All 4 forward speed gears inside of the units built at this website are in good condition. These have been changed and installed again to keep the E4OD from having problems. The overdrive gears have been reworked to factory specs. Someone who will replace a defective automatic Ford truck transmission will find this process to be as close to OEM as possible.

E4OD Testing for Rebuilt Units

The proposed gear ratio by Ford says that every 4-speed that was built between 1989 and 1997 should have a certain gear ratio. The E4OD has a 2.71, 1.54, 1.00 and 0.71. The reverse gear is set to 2.16. When remanufacturing any gearbox, great care should be part of the rebuilding company qualities. A company that is not interested in paying attention to every detail can make mistakes.

The F-Series trucks, Bronco, Expedition and Econoline vans that have used the E4OD automatic transmission rely on their assemblies. A motor should be compatible to handle the gearing changes that are found in late 1990s Ford vehicles. The testing performed at outperforms what many companies supply to consumers.

Ford E4OD Reconditioned Prices

Buying on the web is not new although some builders have no website. An advantage of using the resources presented here is the saving of a person’s time and money. While all listed pricing is less than other outlets, it only takes a moment or two to find out the sticker price of a discounted transmission.

A simple database connected to all refurbished inventory on sale at this website is provided here. A toll-free number is part of the customer service program to maintain happiness among gearbox buyers nationally. Buying direct does help someone save money purchasing rebuilt Ford transmissions for sale.

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