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Ford AOD F150 Transmission

Ford used its AOD transmission in the F150 starting in the 1980 year. As the very first overdrive model, this gearbox provided a full 4 gears that were uniquely designed for big motors. The C4 was being phased out and Ford needed a good gearbox for its Bronco and F-Series trucks. A quality Ford AOD F150 transmission can be purchased rebuilt here. The continued support for overdrive transmissions at Ford has improved the interest by consumers.

Gearboxes like the Selectshift were becoming too hard to keep up with due to technological advancements at the start of the 1980s. Auto engineering experienced great strides in the 20th century. Because Ford took great care in managing its parts production, engineers were able to develop the overdrive system that skyrocketed interest in automatic transmissions.

AOD Ford Gearboxes Rebuilt VS Used

There is always room for discussion when it comes to what a rebuilt or used unit will offer someone. There is nothing wrong with a preowned gearbox when it is cared for professionally. There are some that are low enough in miles to make for a dependable replacement. When someone upgrades an F150, it is usually less expensive to go with a gearbox that has been refurbished. The main reason why is because the internal components are improved, cleaned, changed or rebuilt by hand.

There are bushings, clutches, sensors and control modules using in automatic overdrive gearboxes. These need to be handled professionally to get the most out of them. When mileage and natural oil breakdown damage parts, the components will never allow the transmission assembly to work as intended. The purchase of rebuilt F150 gearbox is a good way for a person to lower annual repair expenses if shifting becomes unreliable with a preowned model.

F150 Overdrive Transmission Warranty

The time, care and passion that goes into rebuilding an F-Series gearbox is often different at every company. While some builders cut a lot of corners, the final build quality will always showcase passion. When all components work as intended, there is no greater satisfaction. Ford Motor Company does warranty its new gearboxes for a lot of mileage and wear. When this period is exceeded, a good third-party rebuilt gearbox warranty should be available.

The company supplies a standard protection plan to go with every reconditioned F-Series gearbox. Any model from the 7th Generation of F150 production forward can be fitted with the AOD assemblies. While there are newer units that can be installed, someone working with a restored automatic overdrive build will always get one that is reliable.

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If someone does not use the posted toll-free number, inquiring about price data is very easy on this website. One of the only national warehouse search tools is presented to the public here. From sale pricing to no charge warranty coverage, it is very affordable to shop this gearbox resource instead of a typical preowned company in the USA.

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