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Ford Ranger C3 Transmission

Ranger trucks by Ford made use of the C3 transmission for the first few years of development. The year was 1983 and Ford has just launched its first light-duty truck. The ever-popular 3-speed gearboxes in use at the time were selected for use in the truck series. Because it is harder to find some Ford replacement gearboxes, buying a Ford Ranger C3 transmission in rebuilt condition can be a huge help.

The original C3 was actually used in the Ford Pinto prior to using it in the 1983 Ranger truck. Vehicles with smaller engines were a great pairing with the 3-speed gearboxes. Because of the lack of an overdrive gear, the early Ranger trucks were only fitted with the C3 and not the A4LD upgrade. Someone buying a refurbished gearbox should know this piece of history.

Ford C3 Gearboxes for Ranger Trucks

The production years of 1983, 1984 and 1985 were the testing grounds for the light-duty Ranger. The smaller motors combined with the easy 3-speed automatic gearbox was a hit for Ford. The installation of the C3 did continue until 1988 in some Ranger models. Builds that were without overdrive gears were provided as a base option. Truck owners had to make the choice to upgrade to an AOD build.

There is a fixed reverse gear in the original C3. This means that the standard ratio is 2.47, 1.47 and 1.00. These units are still controlled by hydraulic fluid lines like all classic Ford transmissions. A person who will buy a rebuilt Ranger gearbox should know how to choose a unit and how much to pay for one. It is easy to waste money when buying automotive parts on the Internet.

A typical C3 can be identified by looking at the code on the housing. If the letter “V” is displayed, this is the base model. The letter “T” does designate the A4LD overdrive model. There are plenty of forums and other places on the web that will teach how to drop and install a Ford Ranger transmission.

Ranger 3-Speed Rebuilt Transmission

Because the C3 is easy to work on, these are quite popular to find in used condition. When buying a unit that has been restored, knowing the process can help someone better understand why there is a difference in price. All bushings, clutches, hydraulic pumps and lines are reconditioned. This is a very precise process. Only an expert performs the work on the units that are for sale on this website.

Buy Affordable C3 Ranger Transmissions

A price reduction will be found when reviewing what can be purchased on this website. All gearboxes are attractively priced. What this means is that sticker price is in the range of what most used units sell for online. The difference is the craftsmanship, free of charge warranty and no hassle return policy offered.

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