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Rebuilt F4EAT Transmission

Ford started producing its F4EAT transmission in the 1990 year. Since hydraulic technology was not new, a better way to get the most of a transmission by using electronic pulses was created. Ford based its late model 4-speed units off of Mazda designed technologies. The transverse automatic gearboxes built after 1990 can be purchased through reputable dealers. A rebuilt F4EAT transmission is offered here for sale.

After a successful gearbox pairing in the Mazda 323, Ford took notice and decided to rebadge the F4AEL into an F4EAT for its smaller vehicles. The first automobile to receive this newly adapted transverse gearbox was the Ford Escort series. Models with the 4-cylinder CVH 1.9 motors are found with the electronic controlled automatic gearboxes.

4-Speed Overdrive Ford Transmissions

After a few successful years in the Escort, the Probe vehicle was the next in line to benefit from the electronic module design. Because the F4EAT uses a computer system, all controls were managed digitally for the first time in the 1990s. Ford did include a lock up converter and a speed sensor. Overdrive is reached in this model during shifting the 4th gear.

The transverse designed of the automatic builds helped Ford find placements into the Mercury series brands. The Capri and the Tracer are two of the models that only featured the automatic F4EAT as a standard build. When purchasing one of these units as reconditioned, a consumer should know about the rebuilding process.

There are clutch plates, sensors, bearings and gaskets that are all changed out during a typical rebuild. For the automatic series, more than one clutch pack and solenoid is used to provide controls. The regular gear ratio found in the 4-speed F4EAT should be 2.80, 1.54, 1.00, 0.70 and 2.33 for the reverse. Companies that rebuild gearboxes should be able to provide data specs.

F4EAT Refurbished Automatic Transmission

What actually happens when gearboxes are restored? uses a direct approach to building all Ford units. Because these start out as used, a superior cleaning job is required. Once cleaning is finished, a dismantling of the assembly will get to the heart of the unit. This is where an experienced builder knows what to do to remove years of hard use and sludge from the interior components.

Every component that must be changed is swapped. A perfect re-assembly is what keeps a unit from leaking fluid during testing or use. Every build that is listed for public sale on this auto parts website has already been tested thoroughly.

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A simple structure in price is found on this website. While using the inventory system, choose a year and a Ford vehicle model. What is presented next is a valid sale price. This can be explored further by a consumer or an order can be placed. Support is provided by e-mail or by phone daily at this website.

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