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Rebuilt Powershift Ford Transmission

Success in the Volvo brand helped Ford update its transmissions for the American market. While under a development contract with Getrag, the six-speed gearbox was introduced in the year 2008. Because a person has to pay a hefty price for an OEM unit, a rebuilt Powershift Ford transmission for sale at this resource could be a better alternative. Prices always remain low here.

What is so special about the Powershift units is the way that shifting is conducted. Unlike a manual or automatic gearbox that has preset gearing, a dual clutch is used to provide split gearing. The gears are determined by odd and even numbers to take the stress off of the interior components. This has resulted in one of the finest gearbox assemblies produced nationally at Ford.

6-Speed Ford and Getrag Transmissions

Because Ford no longer owns the Volvo brand, a new owner has taken hold of the company assets. Getrag continues to develop European gearboxes that are the very same technology used in the Powershift models from Ford. Someone buying a Volvo or Ford 6-speed, still has choices to make when it comes to identifying which retailers are provided the best deal for the money.

The Fiesta and Focus are two of the brands sold in the U.S. that are also retailed in Europe. Each of these models built after the 2008 year utilize the Powershift dual clutch transmissions. For someone to buy one of these units in preowned condition, there is no way that the quality can be validated. Most used car warranties run out after 3 years and transmission warranties usually provide a 90-day protection plan.

Used Versus Refurbished Ford Transmissions

There is always a debate among owners of vehicles when speaking directly about car parts quality. Some people prefer preowned and others prefer to buy from a remanufacturing center. What it comes down to for a person who is thinking about swapping a non-working Powershift transmission is the number of years a unit is expected to last. No used assembly will have a warranty long enough to cover past a two-year period.

The recycled and remanufactured 6-speed gearboxes that are offered directly in the USA at this website are fully functional units. These units have passed all stringent testing for OEM quality. Whether buying a manual or automatic build, someone making a decision could find that a reconditioned unit will provide a long life cycle compared to used assemblies.

Best Powershift Transmission Prices

Paying retail is just not an option for a person who is on a used parts budget. The good news is that a recycled transmission comes with a long-term parts coverage option at no cost. This is to certify the building process and to restore faith in consumers who demand a lot from a certified transmission. By selecting the vehicle year and model needed, a person receives instant pricing displayed on this page for all Ford or Volvo inventory in stock.

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