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Rebuilt Transmission 4L60E

The 1990s were a time of flawless automotive development for General Motors. While older transmissions were being updated, new technology was setting the new standard to follow. Old gearbox codes were upgraded to feature a new naming system that made it easier to order used parts and accessories from dealers. The new versions of electronic assemblies can be purchased as reconditioned gearboxes on this website. A rebuilt transmission 4L60E assembly has never been easier to purchase.

GM relied on its 3-speed transverse shifting design to rule the 1980s. The turbo hydramatic 125 was a new step forward that contributed to the development of the 4L60 gearboxes. It was not until the 1991 year that GM tested its new electronic controls in the Buick, Cadillac and Oldsmobile vehicle brands. The testing revealed an overwhelming success using electronic torque converters.

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There are four gears within the initial design of the 4L60. These gears are separate from the reverse gear. The original concept for the 4L60E was to make shifting a lot simpler by controlling the way that torque was generated in a front wheel drive vehicle. This is why most early to late 1990s vehicles made use of the E series gearboxes by General Motors.

When someone seeks out a retailer to purchase an OEM version of a transmission, there are certain questions that must be answered. The first question revolves around whether or not the inventory being offered is used, certified or rebuilt. There are no comparisons to a preowned transmission and what that has been professionally reconditioned. It can be less expensive to replace a 4L60E transmission with a refurbished unit due to the warranty supplied.

Problems with 4L60E Transmissions

One of the most reliable assemblies for GM across its vehicle fleet as been the 4L series. These units have been used in millions of cars, trucks and SUVs and little to no problems have been announced. When a gearbox is rebuilt, many of the core issues related to a used condition unit are resolved. An exact procedure for replacing defective components and improving existing parts prevents the most common problems from happening.

Rebuilt 4L60E Transmission Prices

The days of searching tons of retailers using the Internet are over thanks to activated search tool on this website. Paying cheap prices for a gearbox is possible thanks in part to the support from national dealers at this website. The under MSRP price tags that are included with every promoted GM series gearbox found on this page include the cost of a warranty. This provides trust for consumers who are swapping 4L60E assemblies.

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